What Minimalism Means to Me

I’ve always been interested in Minimalism, one way or another.  My whole life I’ve admired the minimalist aesthetic and I definitely am a big advocate of philosophy, nature, and life experiences (skydiving, rock climbing, bungee jumping).  My dream vacation would be a summer spent in a whitewashed little cubby on the side of a hill on a Greek island with just the bare life necessities, typing away at my laptop.


The stuff just seems to accumulate, doesn’t it?  There’s a gap between the dream and the reality.

Some of it is stuff that has guilt attached to it, or memories.  I would feel bad giving it away.

Some of it seems necessary…but, re-examined, perhaps not.  I replaced a lot of books with a Kindle, and a lot of music CDs with an iPod.  A lot of the clothes and shoes I thought I needed I find that I really don’t.

Some stuff was packed in the closet and I forgot it was there!  I want to get to the point where I know every item that I own and have evaluated its relevance to my life.

My goal is to keep paring down, keep stripping away….like peeling an onion.  Remove one layer at a time until I get to the core, and hopefully, the essence of who I really am.

I probably will never get down to 100 items, like so many of the other minimalist bloggers that I read and admire.  But…..it doesn’t hurt to try.  One item at a time, who can say where it will end?

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