The Monster In My Closet

I have a monster in my closet.

Not the type with fangs that I imagined as a child, but something even scarier – a pile of stuff, lurking in the dark, waiting to topple on me when I open the door and try to find something.

I used to have monsters in four closets; now I’m down to just the one. My outdoor utility closet was really scary, complete with spider webs, little hornet’s nests and a live tree lizard hiding under my trash can!

For my utility closet, the solution was to remove EVERYTHING, clean the closet thoroughly and then put back only what was needed. The rest was tossed or given to Goodwill. I had previously cleaned my indoor coat closet, and was able to move a few items from there to the outdoor closet. And there’s still lots of lovely space. Sometimes I open the door just to take a peek inside and feel virtuous.

My spare room closet is another matter. I’m working on one section at a time – it’s safer! It’s definitely a forgotten closet. A lot of stuff I put there when I moved in five years ago and haven’t looked at it since. I was dismayed to find one large box full of empty packaging boxes for items that I no longer own!

Now that I’ve learned to fight the monsters, I’m pretty sure they won’t be back. I’m going to stay more vigilant in the future. I might let just one monster stick around – the little tree lizard who likes to camp out in my utility shed (there’s a gap under the door). He’s kind of cute. I named him Iggy. He has a nice clean home to live in now!

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