The Road to Freedom

Well, my freedom timetable got moved up a little bit  (see Debtor’s Prison, below).  I was just let go from my place of employment.

I had become increasingly disenchanted with my job and was actively looking for a new position, in addition to planning on part-time work to pay off debt. I had stopped being a doormat and stood up for myself a few times at work, and apparently my new assertiveness wasn’t as popular as my previous passivity. Honestly, I had some suppressed anger over the way I had been treated, so I was being VERY assertive. And in this economy, they can find someone willing to do my job for about $20,000 less, I’m sure. Oh, well. It’s really all for the best, to just start again with a clean slate.

It’s definitely a little scary to be unemployed in the current economic climate, but I won’t miss the actual job at all. It was time to move on, and this is the push I needed to do it. Of course, it’s better to be job hunting while employed (I turned down about six jobs in the past few weeks that weren’t quite right – now I’ll be a lot less picky!) But it was easy to get comfortable in a situation that didn’t benefit my long-term career or life goals.

Again, this all just reinforces my desire to become debt free. If I were debt free today, I could support my current lifestyle for $25,000/year, doing temp work. My debt means I need to make twice that amount.

Technically, I could sell my townhouse and I wouldn’t need employment for some time – I have a lot of equity. It makes me sad to think of doing that, but at least it’s an available option that a lot of people don’t have right now, since they’re upside down on their mortgages. Inspired by other minimalist bloggers, I’ve been getting rid of a lot of my stuff recently and I’m less emotionally attached to what’s left.

I started thinking – wow, I could sell my place, pay off my debt, and then I wouldn’t be tied to a specific location anymore. I really could travel the world – or whatever. Hmmm……maybe instead of a temporary setback, I can regard this new situation as an opportunity. The first step….on the road to freedom!

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9 Responses to The Road to Freedom

  1. Mary says:

    Losing work is scary. But you’re right: doing unfulfilling work for the sake of keeping up with our self-inflicted debt is so stifling. As scary as it is, I think it’s an opportunity in disguise, too!
    I’m totally inspired.

  2. Oh, hon. I’m sorry.
    You have such a great outlook though –
    All new blessings are coming your way!

  3. Reggie says:

    How did your interview go? I hope it went well. I had mine on Tuesday. We started at 9:30 and finished at 11:15 and they also brought in a spontaneous person to interview me as well so that’s a good sign. I really hope I get the job but we’ll see. Give us an update on how things go with you. I also give you a lot of credit for being brave and sounding pretty calm about this new life step.

    • Thank you so much for asking, Reggie!

      The interview was GREAT. It was with an agency and she had at least 5 job openings that she felt were good for me. So that was super encouraging! It just made me feel like this is the right path for me now.

      Sounds like your interview went really well too, by the way. That’s great!!

      • Reggie says:

        Really glad you rocked your interview. I believe you said you are in marketing? I am in marketing for non-profits which is pretty cool. By the way, I found out I didn’t get the job. But it’s okay, I just have to keep plugging away. It’s encouraging to know that at least SOMEWHERE there are open jobs lol.

      • Thanks Reggie. I might have a follow-up interview this week.

        Sorry to hear you didn’t get the job. But yes, I think the job market is starting to pick up so hopefully you will get something great soon!

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