Back To The Junk Drawer

Have you noticed that Minimalism is an acquired taste?

A couple of months ago, I did what I considered to be a MAJOR purge of my townhouse. I made about six trips to Goodwill. Some of this stuff was left over from childhood, high school and college. What a relief to get rid of stuff I never used and had been carting around for years! I did keep some sentimental items, of course.

But now, two months later…….I feel like I still have a lot of stuff! It’s interesting how your perspective changes. I kept several books that I had been given by friends to read, but I haven’t touched them in 2 months. I have, however, made several trips to the library, so I’m thinking I just don’t want to read that particular pile of books. Time to return them.

I have a bunch of DVDs that I never really watch anymore…..maybe I will convert them to digital and/or just sell them on eBay.

I think I will take Miss Minimalist’s advice and remove the entire contents of a drawer, and then put back what I want…..there are little bits and pieces lurking in there that I probably really don’t need. I’m just used to seeing them in there.

The first step will be three brown paper grocery bags of old papers that need to be shredded……I kept meaning to get to that task, but the bags ended up in my nice clean closet, on the floor. That could be an unpleasant trend. Time to shred it and move it out!

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3 Responses to Back To The Junk Drawer

  1. Audrey says:

    Your posts are inspirational. I will tackle one or two junk drawers today (yes I have more than one). I watched a rerun of Nate Berkus on Oprah this week and his advice is to constantly edit. You don’t have to put out everything you own.

    • Thanks, Audrey!

      That’s a good point about not having to “put out everything you own.” I have a bad tendency to leave things on the counter within easy reach. I’m learning to create a “home” for each item, and hopefully put it back there when I’m done!

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