Still Smelling The Roses…..

Now that I have returned to work, I thought I would miss my weekly trips to the Farmer’s Market, and the nice walkway through the vintage rose garden.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my new office has a courtyard-style layout. The building wraps around a huge, beautiful rose garden with decorative boxwood hedges and a large fountain in the center.   Numerous windows look out from the office to the garden.  They have a cafe with an large enclosed indoor  glass patio and also tables with umbrellas outside throughout the garden. We get a lovely view during the day and then relax, European-style, at lunchtime. No rushing through a salad at my desk.  What a great work environment, and everyone is so nice and friendly! I am really enjoying my time there already. What a difference!

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2 Responses to Still Smelling The Roses…..

  1. Reggie says:

    Hey Sheri I am so happy to read that the new work situation seems to be a great fit. Having the right co-workers and work environment can make such a big difference between a job that’s worthwhile to go to and one where it’s dreadful trying to wake up in the morning.
    Thanks for updating us on how things are going. Have you heard anything more about the voiceover work?

    • Thanks, Reggie! Yes, I did a preliminary voice recording at the school today and they feel I do have the voice quality and reading skills to consider a career in voice-over work. So that’s encouraging! I am taking an introductory 6-week class starting in October. It’s very inexpensive so I think it’s worth a shot! Thanks for following up.

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