What A Difference!

It’s amazing how much your life can change in just a couple of months. Two months ago, I was trapped in a job where I felt unappreciated and demoralized. I stayed out of fear, because the pay was good.

Now I have a different job – a great one! My co-workers are kind, fun and treat me with respect. I work long hours but I don’t mind because my workplace is so agreeable. I’m getting the same salary as my last job, but I’m getting paid overtime, so I actually got a raise! It’s located closer to home so I’m saving gas too.

I even get to go to my favorite weekly Farmer’s Market at lunchtime. I found that it’s close enough to my office that I can stop by. This week I ran over there and enjoyed strolling up the rose path again (it has been raining this week but luckily not when I was there). One of the vendors even remembered me! I ate my lunch on a bench surrounded by roses and a lovely lawn.

My life has improved so much recently. I want to thank those who took the time to email me or comment with words of encouragement during my recent job hunt. I know how fortunate I was to find something quickly in this economy.

I hope there is someone out there who will be encouraged by my recent experience. Don’t be afraid to take that leap! You DESERVE to be happy. I am back to aggressively paying down my debt so I can be financially secure, but now I really enjoy going to work every day. You can be the same. Don’t be afraid to explore other options that might lead to a happier life for you!

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4 Responses to What A Difference!

  1. stevie says:

    love to hear how much your life has changed.. and the way you approached it was so pro-active. It’s absolutely amazing!

  2. Reggie says:

    Hey! How’s the new job coming along for you?

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