An Unexpected Dilemma

Well, it seems that minimalism brings problems of its own!

I had a funny experience tonight. I was cleaning out my parakeet’s cage around 9 pm and then went to find something to line the cage with – I didn’t have ANYTHING!

I had used my last paper towel cleaning the cage (but I have cloth towels for backup) and my junk mail was recycled or shredded. I had discarded any magazines already read. I don’t subscribe to a newspaper either. I went on a frantic search through my townhouse for scrap paper and finally found a catalog from a temp agency (from my recent job hunt). I used the back cover to line my bird’s cage. In the future, I guess I’d better set aside one catalog or magazine for this purpose!

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3 Responses to An Unexpected Dilemma

  1. stevie says:

    hmm I guess some of that junk mail would be put to good use recycled for the parakeet!!

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