The Minimalist “Trend”

There has been some recent heated debate in the online minimalist community as to whether Minimalism as a trend is “over,” as a former minimalist blogger has declared.

I would agree that Minimalism gained popularity during the worst days of the recent recession. People with high consumption habits suddenly considered downscaling and shifting their focus to a simpler way of life.

Now that the economy is improving, some are returning to their old ways. In a sense, it’s a return to business as usual for many.

However, in the blogosphere, many bloggers have vowed to remain true to Minimalism. Minimalism is actually a philosophy that has been around for a very long time – one that can change your life, even if you just choose to make small changes.

Minimalism isn’t really just about decluttering your house, as I’ve said before. It’s about decluttering your life, so you can focus on what’s important to you. Hopefully, we can all hang on to that idea as the economy recovers and our financial options open up.

For over 10 years, I’ve been interested in “voluntary simplicity” as it used to be called. The quality of my life has steadily improved as I have made gradual changes. I hope you’ll continue to check in here to this blog for tips and inspiration, whatever the current economic climate. Whether it’s fashionable or not, Minimalist OC will not be changing focus at this time. This has always been primarily a personal journal style blog, but I’m happy to read in your comments and emails that this blog has been helpful to you as well. I plan to continue on my journey!

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3 Responses to The Minimalist “Trend”

  1. Pea says:

    Hello Sheri, first of all congrats on the credit cards. Great feeling isn’t it?

    No I don’t think that minimalism is dying or dead. There are always people who join every fad whilst remaining on the periphery and being half hearted about it and yet expecting it to change their lives greatly without much effort from themselves.

    When the ‘Great Change’ doesn’t miraculously happen by itself in a week, they move on to the next thing.
    You don’t have to call it ‘minimalism’ – you could just call it ‘common sense’ or a ‘more sustainable way of living’ and it would still make sense.

    For those people like you who have used it’s principles wisely and made the lifestyle work for YOU as opposed to taking on board every one else’s interpretation, you have seen and felt it’s benefits, so of course you (or I), wouldn’t give it up.

  2. Pea says:

    Pt 2
    Aha! So I followed through and saw more precisely what and who you were referring to and all the responses elicited from the announcement that apparently minimalism is dead.

    Suffice to say that this kind of hubris would be matched by me announcing that consumerism is over because I no longer wish to participate in it.

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