Five Steps Forward, One Step Back…..

I posted recently that I paid off my credit cards! Well, I should have “knocked wood” when I said it, because my car broke down twice  in two weeks.

It’s never a good sign when your car is leaking antifreeze on the passenger-side floor mat. Turns out you also need a functional fuel pump for the car to move (I had to find this out at a busy intersection). Sigh. The repairs were close to $3,000 and made me consider trading in the car for good.

This isn’t the first time I have had major repairs – in the past five years I’ve replaced the water pump, the automatic steering, the compressor, and all four tires, had the alignment fixed twice, and the computer has gone out twice (2nd time was under warranty).  At least I don’t have any car payments though – I finished paying it off last year.   My car only has about 75,000 miles!!  However, if something else major breaks down, that will be the last straw and good-bye car!

I would prefer to wait just a little longer, to save and buy something with cash or a good down payment if possible. I guess the car will make my decision for me!

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