More Career Scoop!

My boss just told me that I am getting promoted!!! I’m super happy. I’ll be a junior Project Manager.

I’ve only been at this job 7 months, so this is such great news! As I’ve blogged before, I LOVE this job, the location, the flexibility with hours & lunch breaks and my class schedule. Everyone is super nice – and now a promotion! Wow. I feel really blessed.

The voice-over work is progressing really well also. I’m getting ready to record my first demo and get photos in a couple months. Eek! Crash diet! (J/K). Seriously, my last 2 classes were on video so that’s enough to make me not feel like eating – “the camera puts on 10 pounds,” etc.

In our classes, we do presentations in front of industry agents and they provide feedback. I just did 2 agent auditions in the past week, and they went really well. My teacher was really enthusiastic about their feedback. I am getting ready to leave the nest and it is SCARY. In a good way though. I’ve done 5 auditions now and I’m getting more comfortable.

It’s so great to really enjoy my work and school after a few years of hating my job. It’s nice to get so much consistent appreciation and validation! I’m really not used to that anymore, and I have to remind myself that I deserve to be a success and I have worked hard for this! Life just gets better everyday. Don’t YOU be afraid to pursue your dreams either!! They can come true!

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2 Responses to More Career Scoop!

  1. ahmward says:

    Congratulations on your promotion! Everything is going so well for you.

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