A Beautiful Summer Day

Today was a beautiful day! I had lunch with a friend at the Yardhouse restaurant up in Long Beach, and we sat at a table overlooking the marina. The weather was just perfect.

Then I returned home via Pacific Coast Highway – it was a little windy but the ocean was still gorgeous.

Next I returned home and planted a whole flower bed, with Spanish Eyes lavender and white petunias.

I just love gardening. For a few years, I didn’t have to do much – my garden reached a level of sustainability where I just had to water and occassionally weed.

But I had a bad case of mildew/fungus that took over a bed. I trimmed the shrubs back for a few months but finally had to pull them out. I capped the offending sprinkler (OK, I used duct tape but it seems to be working!). Then I ripped everything out and replanted after about two weeks.

It looks gorgeous now! Afterward, I had a well-deserved icy-cold Corona beer and relaxed outside. Ahhh, summer!

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