Shoe Redux

I posted recently about my decision to have shoes custom made, and my great experience with Shoes of Prey. Unfortunately, they determined that they can’t really fit my feet. I am one of those rare people that does need a custom shoe last made, as I suspected. They aren’t able to change the shoe design to fit my foot. However, they guarantee ft, so they gave me a full refund! So I’m still really impressed with their customer service, but just disappointed that I can’t wear their super-cute shoes.

I next contacted Siam Leather Goods. They confirmed that they actually can do a totally bespoke shoe for under $400, including the custom last. So I’ll give them a try. Fingers crossed!

Luckily it’s summer now and I’m mostly wearing sandals. I’ve made a resolution to visit the beach more – it’s only a few miles away, but I always make excuses. I’m trying to at least drive the beach route (Pacific Coast Highway) when doing errands or visiting friends. Definitely more fun than the freeway. Last week my friend and I walked around Balboa and the boardwalk area for a few hours and had lunch.

It’s so easy to take things for granted that you see every day. Like palm trees. I never thought much about them until my cousin came to visit from Canada and commented on how many there are here. Are there natural beauties or attractions in your neighborhood that you take for granted? Sometimes it takes a visiting friend from out-of-town to remind us of the nice things all around us that we forget to notice.

Something that I always appreciate in late May / early June is the jacaranda trees in bloom. Gorgeous lilac trees that drop their petals in a carpet everywhere. Luckily the public roads where I live are lined with these pretty trees. Their beauty always makes me smile during my commute!

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One Response to Shoe Redux

  1. Audrey says:

    When I lived in southern CA my parents had two flowering trees on the side lawn. One was an Acacia and the other was the beautiful Jacaranda. Walking a very slow dog every day makes me notice almost every tree, bush or flower in the neighborhood. Definitely visit the beach more often. It is so beautiful.

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