A Wake-up Call

Ten years ago, my doctor discovered an intestinal tumor. It wasn’t cancer yet, but the doctor said it was a matter of days or weeks – very definitely “carcinoid.”

At 34, I was one of his youngest patients ever. It definitely made me re-evaluate my life priorities and “bucket” list at the time. Ten years and 6 colonoscopies later, I was starting to relax….until my most recent visit yesterday.

Once again, I had an “ugly” tumor, as the doctor phrased it. I will probably be fine, as we caught it early. It’s probably just pre-cancerous, as before. But it’s a reminder, not to take things for granted.

A very close family friend passed away recently. I was so sad I hadn’t seen her lately. So often, we assume that someone special will always be around. But whatever our age, we can be just one accident away from our last chance to say goodbye, or just spend time with some one special.

On a less grim note, my office informed us that some employees might have to take a 1-month furlough soon. Although this may not end up affecting me (hopefully!) it’s a reminder that finances are not to be taken for granted either. I love my new job and received a big promotion & raise this summer, but the economy is still uncertain. I had paid off my credit card last year, and then put some debt back on it to pay for tuition and car repairs. Time to get that cleaned up! Also time to refocus on my side job doing voice-over for commercials – my demo CD has been produced, but I still need to get my resume done & photos taken. Having extra income would be nice insurance until the economy really recovers.

My office is moving next week – thanks to a minimalist workspace, it took me 5 minutes to label & pack my workspace. Many others were packing for a couple of hours – some for days!! This is a good example of how streamlined I’d like my whole life to be. I know that minimalism can get me there!

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2 Responses to A Wake-up Call

  1. Stevie says:

    wow.. so where is the office now? I hadn’t gotten a notice on this post.. weird but I like hearing about your life. post about what it took to do the demo

  2. We literally moved to the building next door! Lots more space though. I have a nice cubicle now too with glass walls. Before I was in a room with 3 people at one table so this is awesome!

    Good idea – maybe I will do a future post about producing the demo. Voice recording is a lot more fun than you might think!

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