A Clean Desk


My nice clean desk!

At my last job, my desk was a minimalist’s nightmare.   It was never clean.  Papers, binders, architectural drawings, etc were invariably stored on my desk or behind it.  Project boxes were stacked behind my chair.  Party supplies and marketing items were tucked under my desk in additional boxes.  I am slightly claustrophobic, so this was definitely not my choice!  As a project administrator, my desk was used not only for my own resources, but that of the whole team.
In contrast, my current job is entirely virtual.  Everything is done on the computer.  An added benefit of this (for those of you that have read Tim Ferris’ book The 4-Hour Workweek) is that I can work remotely also.  My co-workers are terrific, but it is nice to have this option. 
Attached is a photo of my current desk.  The only things I need now are a keyboard, screen, task light, and a docking station for my laptop.  I did add  my own plant, paperweight and mug for a personal touch.  Psychically, it’s very calming to look at a nice empty workspace, especially since I am dealing with spreadsheets and emails all day.
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