Ultimate Minimalist Mini Bag


OK it’s official – I have found my favorite bag EVER.

One of my challenges as a female and a minimalist is the whole handbag situation. Ideally, I’d like to have just one bag that I could carry everywhere. However, I carry a computer bag to work and don’t want to carry a handbag with it. When I bring a tote to the farmer’s market or beach, I don’t want to bring a big handbag along as well. And same thing if I’m going dancing or to a party- I just want to carry a little cluch or wristlet. But switching back and forth between bags is really annoying and I always seem to forget something in the previous bag.

So I found this awesome new mini bag, the Maddox Foldover Clutch, from Fossil and it’s the answer to my prayers! It can function as just a large wallet, or you can use it as a wristlet. The most practical color is black, but they also have colors like chestnut, beige, and blue.  It measures 8.5″L x 1.25″W x 4.75″H.

It holds a lot of stuff! So basically, your cards, bills etc go in the usual slots. There’s an inner middle pocket where I keep the detachable wrist strap and I keep a full size MAC face powder in that pocket also. There’s room for earbuds in there too. Then there’s a front section in front of the CC slots where I keep my iPhone and my car keys. Theres a back zip pocket for change but I use it for a full size lipgloss, small comb, nail clippers, listerine strips, etc. It’s a little tight, but it all fits.

It’s basically self-contained, so I can toss it in my computer bag for work, my tote bag for the farmers market/beach, or use it as a wallet with my larger handbag if I need to carry larger items. It’s dressy enough to use as a wristlet for anything other than a super dressy cocktail party, where you might bring a silk or beaded clutch. It’s nice because if you are traveling, for example, you could throw it in a tote bag/backpack with your toiletries and to schlep around when sightseeing, but then use the clutch alone to go to dinner or a show. It’s a pretty reasonable price – here in the US it’s currently listed at $65 USD. The quality is excellent.

It’s a really practical item! I’m super happy that I found it – it’s simplifed my daily routine even more.

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