No Spend Month – an experiment for April

I just discovered an AWESOME blog called Small Notebook – For A Simple Home.  It’s actually been around for a few years and there are lots of great ideas on the site.  I just added it to my blogroll also.

My favorite article on the site so far is about how Rachel Meeks and her family moved to Italy for a few months and the small but chic capsule wardrobe she brought to Europe with her.  Another great post (from 2009!) is about No Spend Month.  Check it out.  I’m going to try doing this in April.

Basically the idea is to buy NOTHING except what you absolutely need for one month, to reduce your tendency to shop just for entertainment.  Rachel and her family do this for one month every year now, ever since her original No Spend Month. 

Although I am a minimalist, I am more of a serial minimalist.  I tend to go through occassional spend and purge cycles.  I definitely like the bare aesthetic in my house, and a very simple clothing and personal style overall.  However, I periodically talk myself in to purchasing items that I think I “need,” only to regret the purchases later and give them away (or return them).  Luckily there is a Goodwill dropoff not too far from my home!

Of course this is very wasteful and from both a financial and environmentally repsonsible perspective, it makes more sense just to buy fewer items overall.  So I think this will be a good experiment for me.  Spring is my #1 shopping season (after Christmas) because I just love all the pretty colors.   I’ve had my colors done and I am a “Clear Spring,” so that might be why I find this season extra tempting.

I did already buy a few new outfits recently since I have lost weight , but it will be interesting to see if I feel the tug of consumerism in April when I consciously abstain from spending for a whole month.  Since Easter is around the corner, I guess this will be kind of a “Shopping Lent” for me. 

I think I will keep a list to see all the things that tempted me during the month, that I didn’t  really need after all.  Leo Babauta at Zen Habits has recommended keeping  a shopping “wishlist” for a month before purchasing any items that aren’t essential so I’ll try that.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Since this post on Rachel’s site is a few years old, I’m sure some of you have already done this.  I’d love to hear from you how it went, and if you have any good tips for me!

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