No Shopping Month – My Progress so Far

So I had decided not to do any shopping in the month of April other than purchases that were necessary.

I’ve done pretty well so far, and only purchased one thing that might be marginal – a pedometer. I had downloaded a free app on my iPhone and thought I could last a month, but then I gained two pounds! Turns out the free app does NOT work correctly and overestimated my calorie burn. So I gave in and got the pedometer.

I’m surprised how many other things have tempted me in such a short time. I bought a few things the last week of March before the “deadline,” so I thought I’d be fine.

I think it’s more the idea of NOT being able to shop that makes me want to now. Suddenly, I felt I needed a new comforter for my bed. Even though it’s needed replacing for awhile, it seems urgent now. A bunch of flowers died in my garden and it’s weird not to just go out and buy new ones right away. I was tempted by a random butterfly shaped scarf-hanger that I saw online – I bookmarked it on my computer, but I probably won’t want it in a month.

I wanted to buy a couple of new books, even though my sister-in-law lent me a stack of mysteries to read, and I live near a library! It’s making me realize that I’m used to having whatever I want NOW, at the click of a button. Books, films, music – I can decide to buy something and start actually consuming it within seconds.

I think this no-shopping month will be good for me!

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