Spring Cleaning Time

Spring is finally here, and I’m getting into Spring Cleaning mode.

Once the weather warms up, it’s always nice to give the house a good airing.  Although my little townhouse is increasingly more bare, I still need to buy a scanner and a large shredder to get rid of a bunch of old paperwork. I also need to really wash my carpets.

Long term, I’m  considering getting rid of the carpet entirely and replacing the floors with wood planks or a synthetic wood.  Despite my best efforts, I track a lot of dirt in from the garden, and my light colored carpeting is incompatible with my lifestyle! I also have really dusty window blinds. Part of the problem is that a lot of the finishes in my home are old and the old surfaces show dirt more easily. Ugh. So it’s time to break out the cleaning supplies in earnest.

I need to donate some furniture and my old computer too. My new Mac laptop is AWESOME and I don’t need a huge computer table anymore. I am a little sad because my dad and I assembled that computer table together. But it’s pretty huge and it will be nice to have the empty space.

Emma  of In Other Words asked me about decluttering recently. I haven’t been talking about this topic as much lately, but I have several older posts on the subject, if you need inspiration. You can just click on “decluttering” under Topics at the upper right part of my blog home page to get all the posts together, or click  the links below:

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Here are links to some other great blogs that have helped inspire me.

Miss Minimalist

Small Notebook

365 Less Things


I just discovered an awesome forum at Unclutterer – they have LOTS of great topics that I am starting to read thorough. There’s plenty of moral support and ideas from other would-be minimalists if you are just getting started on your decluttering journey.

Gotta go – time for me to get scrubbing!

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