Project 333 – I’m starting on June 1st!

Starting June 1, I will be “officially” doing Project 333 until September 1. I published my Summer wardrobe list for Project 333 a few weeks ago. I’ve changed a few things around since my original post but the list will be set as of June 1. I can only wear those 33 items for the next 3 months.

This will be a fun experiment. I actually wear about this amount of clothing anyway. Since it’s summertime, I don’t need coats or other layers, so this is an easy season to start with. I’m hoping to keep it going for a full year, finishing with Spring 2013. We’ll see how I do.

What’s been hardest for me is giving up accessories. I usually have several colorful necklaces and scarves to accent my basic items. So that will be an adjustment – I will only have 2 pair of earrings, 2 necklaces and 1 scarf for the 3 month period. It was also really hard to give up my super comfy Sperry topsiders, but I couldn’t fit them in. I guess I will just go barefoot if I get invited on a boat this summer!

I’m fortunate that it is summer and that I already had a lot of skirts on my list. I just tore a muscle in the back of my calf and will be in a walking boot (up to my knee) for 2-8 weeks.

This project has already made me think about my wardrobe and what I really need and use. Long term, I think I would add a couple more each of shoes, tops, scarves and necklaces back in, and also a cocktail dress, but the amount of clothes seems about right. This feels doable but we’ll see how I feel in a few months! I’ll check in partway through to let you know how it’s going.

if you want to participate in Project 333, check out Courtney’s website for more details. I actually have changed my season dates slightly to suit my personal taste. The “official” summer period for Project 333 is July 1 – October 1, so you have plenty of time to get started if you are interested. Why not make a list just for fun and see which of your clothes and accessories make the cut?

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6 Responses to Project 333 – I’m starting on June 1st!

  1. Audrey Ward says:

    I hope your leg heals quickly. I cringed when I counted just my tops. That would be more than 33. Seems sad not to use all of the accessories you already own.

    • Thanks Audrey! Don’t worry, I am not getting rid of all my other accessories yet – just putting them away for now. It’s just for 3 months. This project is making me appreciate the special items I can’t use during the project. It’s also making me realize, though, that I have some pretty accessories that I never actually wear. Since I am losing weight, the accessories will probably be all that’s left when I am done dieting, so it will be nice to have some old favorites.

  2. Oh, good luck! We’re heading into winter here in Australia so more layers are coming out for me. I haven’t done this project but I think my core wardrobe in warmer seasons might be around this much, I’ll have to do a count!

  3. What a fun experiment! I’ve gradually been working toward a 12-ish item wardrobe. The hardest part for me was worrying that people would notice that I wear the same clothing to work every week. Amazingly enough, most adults didn’t notice, and the students–yes, middle school girls–thought it was really neat! Occasionally, well-intended colleagues will give me hand-me-downs. I gratiously accept them and deliver them to Goodwill….

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