Voice-Over Acting – Resources

I’ve received requests to write more about how to get started with a career in Voice-Over acting. While I’m glad that readers are interested in my new sideline, I’m not an expert on the subject (yet). I’m still getting started myself! I am progressing very slowly as I have a full-time job, this blog and other activities that keep me busy. I need to do some volunteer work to build my resume and then take some additional classes before I get starting applying for VO jobs.

That said, I do have some advice for those of you who are interested in possibly pursuing Voice Acting as a career.

Classes /Coaching:
There are classes available if you are interested in a career in Voice Over work. I took classes from  Del Mar Media Arts in Irvine, California. This school focuses on voice-over so it was perfect for me.

Check to see if there is a school in your area. If not, there should be regular acting classes available -this is a helpful foundation for VO work and will still be useful to you. Acting is acting, although it would also be helpful to have coaching in aspects specific to VO work.  Ask your acting teacher to recommend a local VO coach. Your teacher can probably also recommend a local studio who can record your VO demo.  My friend saw VO classes advertised at her local community center as well.

There are several good books available on the subject. My friend recommended The Art of Voice Acting by James Alburger. There are several other books available on Amazon.com  as well if you search under “Voice Over.”

Online Resources:
If you search online, several websites offer coaching or courses in VO.  Also check out Twitter and Facebook, you can follow groups, agents or actors who specialize in VO. Voices.com is on both Twitter and Facebook, and their website offers employement opportunities as well.

My friends who are already in the industry have cautioned me that this is a very competitive field, and it can take years to build a big enough business to support yourself with income from VO work alone.  However, I can tell you from my limited experience that it’s lots of fun!  I really enjoyed my classes and recording my VO demo.  In my classes, our final exam was to do a mock recording session in front of industry agents and it was a really fun experience!  I’m looking forward to auditioning in the future.

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