Project 333 – Second Compromise

Urgh. Well, planning is obviously an important part of being successful on this 333 project. I just realized yesterday that one of the 2 necklaces I chose doesn’t go with any of my outfits! Unless I just wear it with a white top and khaki or black bottom, but the white already is needed for a few other outfits. So I am swapping it for something neutral. I think I’ll definitely need to do 333 for Autumn as well since I am having a bit of a rough start for the Summer session.

The doctor just switched me from heels to flat shoes for 6 weeks now that the walking boot is off, so I am swapping to 3 pair of flats: tan and black ballet flats & brown topsiders. I had already missed my topsiders! Looking forward to wearing khakis and jeans next week after 3 weeks only in skirts!

Started physical therapy and my leg hurts a lot less already, but I have a tendency to overdo, and then it hurts. Gotta be patient! Haven’t decided if I’m doing the gym yet. I have a colonoscopy next Friday (yes, it’s been a fun month), but maybe the following week I’ll visit the gym. They offer a 3 day free trial pass to help me decide. I kind of feel like the gym is selling out to commercialism, but if I can’t walk much or do aerobics or yoga or kickboxing, my usual at-home exercise options aren’t available to me. I confirmed I can prepay 1-2 months, so maybe I’ll give it a try. Plus, to be honest, I own a lot of Apple products for someone who is worried about commercialism!

Update: the physical therapist has actually assigned me 5 min/day for 30 days on the bike, so either I buy one or join the gym. Guess it’s the gym!

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