Autumn 2012 Capsule Wardrobe

It’s August 31! Time for a wardrobe refresh.

Inspired by my recent positive experience with Project 333, I’ve put together a capsule wardrobe for Fall that’s just slightly larger.

Autumn capsule wardrobe (40 items):

Black handbag (black wallet doubles as a clutch)
gold earrings
Black and clear crystal necklace
Black, pearl & brass bead bib necklace
Gold medallion necklace
Gold & amber ring
Pearl earrings
black wedges
black slides
Black ballet flats
Tan slides
Teal silk scarf
Multicolor scarf
Black cotton cardigan
Pumpkin short cardigan
ivory cardigan
Brown and ivory dress
Gray sleeveless dress
black dress
Black & white print dress
ivory short sweater
Black short sweater
Charcoal short sweater
Teal short sweater
teal polo shirt
3/4 multicolor wrap knit top
Blue cable knit vest
White pima cotton crewneck T-shirt
3/4 sleeve black T-shirt
white short sweater
Black & white sleeveless blouse
Black & white knit jacket
Black slacks
Gray slacks
Khaki skirt
Black & white print skirt
Black cotton skirt
dark wash jeans
Khaki 3/4 raincoat

Looking forward to a new season!

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7 Responses to Autumn 2012 Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Audrey says:

    It seems like a lot with many interchangeable outfits.

  2. Virna says:

    Nice selection of outfits.

  3. Katie says:

    I’m a little behind (or ahead) in looking at fall wardrobes, but I’m starting a new job this fall in the Northeast and am trying to find out what is fashionable for autumn. In Florida, we don’t really change styles with the seasons all that much ;-). Thanks for the comprehensive list of outfits and accessories, but my question is, will this still be “in” for this upcoming fall season, or are some of the items going out of style? Thanks for the help! I want to start putting together a wardrobe now so I’m not caught by surprise come September!

    • I think the best idea is to have a wardrobe of classic pieces that will work year after year. Then add some updated fashion jewelery or other accessories to update the look. A certain print or color or handbag can update your look as well. has great info on current trends.

    • One difference between the North and South is that we tend to wear lighter and brighter colors. If you’re moving to New York I’d recommend black as your main neutral. Or dark Navy if you are moving to other northeast states.

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