Traveling Light

I apologize for being away for so long! I’ve had a crazy schedule at work the past few months.

The good news is that I was hired full time after 2 years – previously I was a consultant with a contract that renewed every six months. So that means much better health coverage and benefits than previously.

When I was “officially” hired, I traveled to San Jose with some other co-workers for orientation. I also had dinner with my family while I was there.

I thought I packed light – a laptop bag and small rolling carry-on, as it was just an overnight trip. However, the next morning I was chagrined to learn that I’d be leaving for the airport directly from my office! I had to bring my luggage to the office with me.

Seems I still have more to learn about minimalist travel. If I could do that trip again I would bring: 1 cardigan, 2 knit dresses, a nightshirt, 1 pair ex-oficio underwear (can be washed & worn next day), and 1 pair ballet flats. I would have worn most of this and the nightshirt and 2nd dress would have fit in my laptop bag in a little bag or packing cube. I’ll be ready for next time!

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2 Responses to Traveling Light

  1. Audrey says:

    What about makeup and toiletries? I could never travel with so little.

    • I was really proud of myself – got it down to very little.

      For toiletries, I just brought a plastic zip pouch that was quart size.
      Just the basics in travel sizes. I included Dr Bronners liquid soap (almond) which is a multipurpose Castile soap that can be used for face, body & shampoo (I have oily hair – wouldn’t recommend for dry hair).

      For makeup, I got a new small turquoise Coach bag (my fave color!!) and only brought: blush, concealer, urban decay primer, mascara, curler, brow & liner pencil, nude & taupe shadow. I used the lipstick & powder in my little clutch purse. I did really miss my brushes though!!

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