I’m Back!!

My goodness, it’s been over a year since my last post.

My office work has finally slowed down from 12/hr days (or more) to only 8 hrs/day. As a result, my health has improved immensely.

I’ve lost 28 lbs since December 26 – started out counting calories and exercising hard, lost 14 lb and gained 8 back by the end of February. Then I tried the South Beach diet, lost 5 lbs again but lost the remaining weight on the Atkins diet.

I know Atkins is a controversial diet, but you might be surprised to learn I’m still eating similar to my previous organic ovo-lacto vegetarian diet, but I added 1-2 servings of shrimp, fish or meat per day. And I added avocado and coconut oil which are great sources of healthy fat.  My diet is much healthier than you might assume and I feel great.  I could lose 2x as fast but I don’t want to damage my gall bladder, so aiming for 1 lb/week. It’s working out to about 1.2 lbs/week.  The main thing really is to cut down on the sweets and grains. My severe acid reflux is completely gone now and my asthma is basically resolved as well.

Atkins can be a bit tricky to follow with the carb counting, although for diabetics I think it’s the best option. For everyone else, I found an AWESOME book that makes low carb weight loss super easy and painless and not so much of a diet. It’s called “Escape the Diet Trap” by Dr. John Briffa. Sometimes diet books can be really technical, but this book is a quick read, extremely user-friendly and makes it easy to jump to just the topics you want to read or refer back to.

I’m still very much a minimalist, and it’s serving me well as I have dropped two sizes already! Having a small and efficient wardrobe really keeps down the cost. I am taking the bag of clothes to Goodwill right away when I lose weight – there will be no backsliding this time!

I’m embarrassed to admit that I gained 100 lbs since high school. I’ll turn 50 in December 2016 and decided this past December that my goal is to hit my high school weight again by then. I’m already over 1/4 of the way to my goal! Signed up for a 5K walk/run event next month to keep me motivated.

I have a lovely crystal bowl that I am adding marbles to for each pound lost. I’ll keep it as a reminder when I reach my goal.

I think I’ll change the name of my blog from “Simpler. Easier. Happier.” to “Simpler. Healthier. Happier.”  What do you think?

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