Weight Loss Capsule

As I posted before, I’ve gone down two sizes since the day after Christmas.

This diet (Atkins) seems to be really working, so my new wardrobe capsule approach is less about curating current items from my closet and more about acquiring items quickly and ideally on sale. So some flexibility is needed.

So now I have a “core” minimum capsule that I use to pre-acquire clothes in the next size down, and then add optional extras after that.


Slacks, skirt, dress, blazer coordinates
Other dress or skirt
3 cardigans
4 tops
3 T-shirts
Heels, ballet flats
sandals / booties
Tennis shoes
Yoga pants & jacket


Additional tops, T-shirts up to 5 each
Up to 4 more dresses
Up to 2 more slacks
Up to 2 more skirts

Khaki 3/4 trench
Gray wool peacoat
Leather & grosgrain belts
Cocktail dress
Evening shoes & clutch
Bathing suit (if needed)
Shorts (if needed)

Prioritizing like this is great because the “core” will get you through a week. Then you add more depending on what you actually need.

If you’re losing fast like me you’ll find that enough clothes for 2 weeks is plenty. If you stay in a size for a longer period you can add more as needed.

I bought a cocktail dress (black) out of habit for the last size and yeah, I didn’t need it in the springtime. Now it’s too big. By Autumn I’ll be down probably 1- 2 more sizes, but maybe I can have it altered.

It’s easy to buy lots of new clothes because you are so excited to look better! But the guilt over money wasted can keep you from pushing yourself to the next level. Best to focus on the basics and then splurge on a few awesome extras. Also accessories like cool shoes or a statement necklace travel well from one size to the next.

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2 Responses to Weight Loss Capsule

  1. Audrey Ward says:

    Congratulations on the new you! I’ve read this post three times. Sounds like you are in a great place.

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