Sample Day on Atkins – Meal Plan

I had a few people ask me to provide a sample day on my diet so here it is.

The SHORT version:

2 scrambled eggs
Splash of cream
1 green onion (white only)
Optional veggies
2 slices bacon or 1/2 cup fruit
Coffee with coconut oil & iodine drops

Green salad with meat or shellfish
Regular fat dressing
Mineral water

3 oz protein
1-2 cups veggies
Cooked in butter, olive oil or bacon fat

1/2 cup fruit with cream, Splenda
Or sugar free jello, pudding

Snacks: coffee with half & half, Atkins shake, 1 oz cheese or nuts, mint tea

Sometimes I have a Quest Bar instead of a meal, sometimes with an Atkins shake. Sometimes I buy a sandwich & remove the bread.

Note: I mainly eat organic produce, dairy, eggs and grass fed beef/organic chicken. Some goat cheese as well. Usually the bacon is nitrate free.

The LONG version – how to adapt this for your own use :

Keep in mind I’ve been dieting for 5 months already, so this is fairly moderate for about 1 lb/week weight loss. I’m doing Phase 2, not the more restrictive Phase 1 that most people usually associate with Atkins. I also have blood sugar issues, so I need to eat less fruit & starch than most people. If you ‘re vegetarian you’d swap soy products or legumes for the meat/fish. You can have Greek yogurt instead of eggs.


2 Scrambled eggs (with veggies optional)
1/2 to 1 cup berries (cantaloupe, peaches, plums, honeydew, apples also ok)
Coffee – with 1 tbsp coconut oil or heavy cream – Splenda ok
Optional: 2 slices bacon or turkey bacon
(I add a splash of cream to the eggs too while beating)

Snack: 1 oz nuts or cheese
Coffee with half & half


Green salad with veggies & meat or fish/shrimp (like Cobb, Chef, chicken Caesar, Nicoise)
Cheese/nuts optional toppings
Ok to use full fat dressing
Diet soda or iced tea, mineral water or seltzer with sugar free syrup

Snack: 1 oz nuts or cheese


3-6 oz meat or fish
1-3 cups salad or vegetables
(Ok to cook in butter or olive oil, ok to put cheese or sour cream on top)
You’ll lose weight faster if you cut out ALL starch, but you can add 1 slice bread or 1/2 pita, 1/2 cup potato OR 1/2 cup (cooked) rice daily if you like

Optional Dessert:
Sugar free jello or pudding with a optional squirt of real (not cool whip) whipped cream
Or 1/2 cup sliced fruit with whipped cream
You can chop up 1/2 apple, add Splenda and cinnamon on top & heat in microwave – tastes like apple pie.

Optional drinks: 4 oz wine per day, or 1 shot hard alcohol with diet tonic or seltzer.
Ok to add lemons or limes/juice.

Note: Avocados are very healthy if you can try to add to your meals – up to 1/2 per day.

On vacation instead of eggs I had an Atkins shake & an Atkins bar for breakfast – I also really like Quest bars which taste better. But I lose faster with the eggs.

You may be thirsty at first – drink extra water the first few days. I love flavored mineral waters like La Croix – especially lime and peach.

Icky but important: if you get constipated from cutting carbs, a tsp to TBSP of coconut oil in coffee daily will fix that. Sounds gross but it’s good – just stir well.

You shouldn’t need special supplements as this is moderate carb not “induction,” but a good multivitamin I take is Vitacost Synergy Nutrislim Low Carb Dieter’s multivitamin. Got it at Amazon. Great for Potassium, Magnesium, Selenium etc. A regular multivitamin daily should be fine too.

As far as portions just eat until you are satisfied. After a few days you’ll not have much appetite. I have hypoglycemia so I still eat snacks, but you may not need them.

You’ll lose MUCH faster if you cut out dairy, nuts, aspartame, starch, fruit & alcohol and eat no more than 3 cups of veggies per day. But that can make it tough to stay on the diet. So do the best you can, but use the options if you need to. I think 1-2 lbs lost per week is better anyway. After 3 days you should have less hunger & cravings.

Honestly this diet is a little tough if you’re 100% vegan, but I really recommend Dr. Joel Furman’s book “Eat To Live” for a great vegan option. I lost 9 lbs in a week on that diet, but I had to add a couple extra tablespoons of olive oil to keep my blood sugar stable.

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