Back to the Treadmill

Sigh. I downloaded a basic Pilates video and was full of enthusiasm & determination at the beginning when I started my first workout.

Didn’t make it 5 minutes… My neck hurt so maybe I was just doing it wrong. But I think the truth is, I am pathetically out of shape. My 95-lb ballerina days are far behind me.

Ah well. Gotta start somewhere, I can only go up from here, I guess. I’m not working out to lose weight so much as to tone up. I’m doing a 5K early next month so I need to be a bit more consistent. Just been doing 15-20 minutes daily on the treadmill and clearly, my core is not getting a workout based on my Pilates debut.

My neighbor is encouraging me to do a 1/2 triathlon but I told her maybe next year! LOL. My co- worker also mentioned a local “paint run” where spectators throw paint at you, Jackson Pollack style as you run past. You look like a spin painting at the end. Sounds fun also for next year maybe. I want to be sure I can really run for that one!

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2 Responses to Back to the Treadmill

  1. says:

    There are lots of exercises you can do to work on your core even with just some weights or kettle bells. The paint run doesn’t sound like fun if it lands in your hair or face. A friend just did a 5k mud run and she loved it but sweat is dirty enough for me.

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