Atkins In Reverse Still Works!

Started the Atkins diet earlier this year, but my health was not very good so I couldn’t tolerate super low carbs. I started in Phase 3 around 50-60 net carbs and “backed into” Phase 2, around 25-45 carbs. Even so, I’ve lost 30 lbs and am down 2 sizes since Christmas 2013.

I’ve tried to do full Phase 1 induction 4 times before (18-22 carbs) but couldn’t get past Day 3. Finally now I am doing proper induction Phase 1 and feel great. I just started Mark Sisson’s Damage Control Master Formula supplement, so maybe the difference is that I was so severely malnourished before (from my previous years of poor diet). Anyway I feel great now – tiny bit less energy and mild headache the morning of Day 3, but on previous attempts at induction I couldn’t get out of bed on Day 3, so this is a huge improvement.

I plan to stay on Phase 1 Induction now at 22 net carbs for 2 weeks total and then step up to Phase 2, adding 5 net carbs/ week and adding the proper new foods per the “carb ladder” each week, according to the Atkins program. Then I’ll stay at probably 45 carbs again until I’ve lost another 20 lbs.

I know the fact I feel better now during induction is a sign that my extreme insulin resistance is finally healing. Several years ago my endocrinologist expressed astonishment that 1) I wasn’t already injecting insulin, that my pancreas could continue to produce such huge amounts of insulin, and 2) that the amount of insulin in my bloodstream wasn’t toxic to me. However, with weight gain, circulatory and other digestive, dental etc issues it’s pretty clear that damage was being done. I’m thankful to be on the right path now and not on the low fat (high sugar) diet my doctor recommended – sorry Doc, you’re gonna have to find another cash cow. It’s not gonna be me anymore.

My doctor’s recommended Type 2 Diabetes diet:

Breakfast: half a bagel
Snack: the other bagel half
Lunch: frozen diet meal, low fat
Snack: 1/2 banana
Dinner: frozen diet meal, low fat

I will NOT be following his advice…..

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