Wow – Great Checkup at Doctor!

Had a GREAT doctor checkup today!!! She described my cholesterol numbers as “amazing, almost optimal”. And my A1C is all the way down to 5.8 (really good). She says pretty soon I won’t even be in the pre-diabetic range! Wow.

Weirdly, my thyroid function was deficient by 25 percent but we checked and the pharmacist had switched me to a generic med that’s not working for me. So I lost 31 lbs even with my thyroid down 25%!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a doctor so happy – she said I made her day! Those were my best labs in 21 years after only 6 months of a high fat, low carb diet!

This is a new doc for me at the same office – I told her about my diet changes and she was really supportive – especially after my lab results!

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2 Responses to Wow – Great Checkup at Doctor!

  1. says:

    I am so happy for you. I also changed to a more supportive doctor in the past year and it makes a world of difference. Keep up the great work.

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