Movin’ to Primal

Well……my thyroid was NOT doing well at all recently. I realized I took that blood test where they said my thyroid was down 25% BEFORE I cut down to really low carbs, on induction for 2 weeks. So it’s probably even lower.

My hair got SUPER dry and looked like I stuck my finger in a socket, even after applying tons of conditioner. It’s normally oily. My digestive system shut down & I got so weak I could hardly stand. Also having memory issues and weirdly, the back of my neck got sore. Plus, totally stopped losing weight.

I did some online googling and for a very small percentage of people, going under 50 carbs can negatively affect the thyroid and result in these symptoms. For these people, low carb is eventually OK, but the thyroid needs sugar, so if you aren’t properly “fat adapted” a rapid decrease in carbs is not good.

So I increased back to 50+ net carbs (where I lost most of my weight anyway) and my symptoms are resolving. And I didn’t get my new meds yet. So there you go.

I am looking more closely at the Primal diet (a low sugar version of Paleo) which is similar to moderate Atkins (50-100 carbs daily) but also cuts out processed food, fast food & artificial sweeteners.

I love my Splenda & sugar- free jello but I read several reviews where people said this Primal diet got them to the next level of weight loss & health. Maybe if I make gradual changes this could be a good option. Will let you know how it goes!

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4 Responses to Movin’ to Primal

  1. Audrey Ward says:

    Is primal the same as paleo? If so do you know Kathy McKelly Statham from AF? he has done extremely well on paleo and also did a Jillian Michaels shred. It is over a year now that she has lost and maintained her weight.

  2. Audrey Ward says:

    She also has a blog about her journey. You have to be so careful not to eliminate too much because your body does need fat, protein and carbohydrates. Hope you feel better.

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