Getting started on Paleo/primal

So I’ve started doing a little bit more of a Paleo/primal diet and already seeing some positive results. Lost 1/2 lb after being stalled a couple weeks and my sinuses seem to be clearer. My digestion has improved even more. (Update: 2.4 lbs lost! Finally broke my plateau!)

So far I cut out peanuts & beans and sweeteners (but I did get some stevia to have with my echinacea tea). I found a nearby farm, Primal Pastures, that sells pastured meat & eggs that I plan to visit soon. I’m already eating organic so that would be the next level. I tossed out most processed food but still hanging onto my frozen Trader Joe’s Palaak Paneer & yellow curry sauce. Also keeping the mayo. Baby steps. Got a better quality olive oil.

Looking more at labels now, like salad dressing. I found a good fresh salad dressing brand made with extra virgin olive oil, although lately I just make my own. Looks like I’ll need to do a lot more home food prep on this meal plan. My favorite roasted sunflower seeds turned out to have wheat additives !! It’s good to read the label.

Trying to add more veggies also. I’ve been listening to some paleo podcasts and if you go low carb but don’t get enough veggies, that can create too much acidity & stall
weight loss. I’m already pretty acid & I wasn’t really getting enough veg lately so that should help.

Also added very moderate exercise daily and cut about 300 calories from my daily intake. Also trying to go to sleep earlier. I’m still struggling with giving up my daily Quest bars which are fairly healthy but should be saved for more occasional snacks.

So I’m not doing perfect Paleo yet, but definitely made some good changes, and encouraged to already see some results!

I haven’t explained too well yet what the Paleo diet is. There are a few versions – the version I am doing is called Primal. More details are available on the Mark ‘s Daily Apple site in my blog roll.

Basically, it’s very similar to Atkins Diet Phase 3, but cutting out most packaged, processed, fast food, artificial sweeteners, legumes, lowfat dairy, and starches (except for small amounts of potato, quinoa & rice). Certain oils are recommended & trans fats excluded. Grass-fed meat is preferred and organic produce & dairy. They recommend unpasteurized dairy from local farms, but I’m not ready for that yet. It’s a restrictive diet, but increasingly popular because it works. Not only for weight loss but with allergies, digestive, mental & autoimmune ailments. I have inflammatory issues so I think it will be helpful for me. The diet allows a 20% cheat margin so you can have restaurant meals or other cheats occasionally. They also emphasize life/work balance like managing stress, getting enough sleep, finding exercise you enjoy & spending time outdoors. More of a healthy lifestyle than a “diet.”

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4 Responses to Getting started on Paleo/primal

  1. Audrey Ward says:

    For salad dressing use 1-2 teaspoons EVOO and 1 teaspoon balsamic. Add to a shot glass, shake gently
    Season salad with salt and pepper

  2. Audrey Ward says:

    My son worked at a good restaurant and 2:1 was their dressing ratio. You mix it with the greens not to be all over the plate. DH likes TJ’s white balsamic; i prefer dark balsamic. Add fresh herbs like tarragon and basil. I have blood orange, garlic and plain EVOOs. Enzo, which is organic and made locally, is my go to regular EVOO.

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