Paleo Adjustments

Wow. I’ve developed some respect for the Paleo community in the past few days. Transitioning to this diet can be a real adjustment.

I would say at this point i’m still doing Atkins phase 3 with a Paleo influence. Given the strict rules on oils, etc it’s tough to be totally compliant. Basically processed /restaurant food is out unless you source it carefully. Even that great new salad dressing I found turned out to have non-compliant oil in addition to the olive oil. Really gotta read the labels.

Still can’t give up the dairy!! Some Paleo folks say butter & cream are ok, but I’m still eating cheese and sour cream too…

I tried a new (for me) brand of Stevia, Stevia in the Raw, but it made me REALLY sick/allergic reaction for a few days until I figured it out. Guess it was due to my ragweed allergy. Done OK with other stevia brands so far. More open to real sugar/honey/maple syrup after that experience though. Or just no added sweetener.

I think I need to accept that I’ll be preparing a lot of my own food/dressings etc from now on and need to bring my lunch to work. I didn’t realize how much of my social life centers on meals out and on packaged “healthy” items. Maybe I should join a Paleo meet up group that does potlucks. I also should probably get my oven fixed! Luckily my range still works so I can do stir-fry.

Listening to some great podcasts to get more information, including The Paleo Solution, The Primal Blueprint, Balanced Bites, and Revolution Health Radio.

I think this is going to be more of a journey/educational experience than a quick switch, but feeling better every day with the changes I’ve made so far.

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4 Responses to Paleo Adjustments

  1. Audrey Ward says:

    Research on line to see if there is a Paleo meet up in your area. There are some great blogs to help you on this journey. It would be nice though if you can find others for similar dining experiences.

  2. Audrey Ward says:

    Also the more familiar you are with Paleo, the easier it will be to eat in restaurants. Study on line menus for local restaurants and ask for olive oil and vinegar for your salads.

    • I actually already am comfortable eating Atkins phase 3 style in restaurants. I’m referring to 100% compliant Paleo.

      Often restaurants use bad oils or the olive oil is a blend from different sources or has been cut with canola, etc. Burgers may not be 100% meat, sugar and excess sodium or MSG can be randomly added to meals, fruits / veggies are rarely local & organic, meat is rarely organic & even more rarely pastured/grass fed. To ensure this level of purity, I think I need to cook it myself or go to certain restaurants that specialize in organic/pastured fare. We have a few in my area and hopefully more to come soon.

      But yes, I’ve been eating grain and sugar free and below 100 carbs/ day for 7 months now. Comfortable ordering like that in restaurants, but I think I’ll try to keep that to 20% now and cook my own “clean” food the rest of the time. I’m also allergic to sulfites which are common in packaged and restaurant foods.

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