Whey Protein: The Culprit

Well, I think I’ve identified the reason for my recent weight slowdown. My beloved whey protein.

I’ve been eating yummy Quest bars and Primal Fuel shakes for breakfast or lunch often lately as I was getting tired of eggs. But I was listening to Rob Wolff ‘s Paleo Solution podcast (#9) and whey protein apparently does impact insulin. Since I’m insulin resistant and sugar addicted that’s probably why I’ve been craving it lately – trying to get my sugar fix where I can. Maybe that’s why cheese is hard to give up too.

Yesterday I had no whey protein, eggs for breakfast (and in my lunch salad) and a bunch of bacon. My digestion is already much better in 1 day – wow! Maybe I do need to cut down on the dairy *sob.*

I’m starting to be convinced that these cage free, grass and bug fed eggs with the weird orange yolks are the ultimate miracle food. Always helps me lose weight, and though my cholesterol is now almost perfect, the doctor had said a slight bump in HDL would be fantastic since I’m perimenopausal. Another great reason to eat more eggs! I had suggested that to my doctor and she kind of winced and said she couldn’t recommend that, but we shall see! If my HDL is up in 3 months I might turn her into a fan of eggs.

On the podcast, Rob said that whey protein is actually terrific to use post- workout once you lean out. But clearly, since I’m still losing I need to tone it down a bit. I’ll keep an eye on the scale to see if it helps. Fingers crossed!

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2 Responses to Whey Protein: The Culprit

  1. Audrey Ward says:

    Sunday and Monday I had egg salad inside romaine hearts for lunch. So good. I won’t have it for more than two lunches a week since I eat an egg for breakfast every morning.

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