Whey Free

Sigh…I was right, the culprit was the whey protein. I cut it out and now I have no appetite and already lost half a pound.

So back to the basics for a bit…. I will probably add it back later once I’ve lost weight as those Quest bars and Primal Fuel shakes are SUPER yummy!

Went to Veggie Grill for lunch today with friends and had 1/2 of their Power salad. It was really good but had quite a bit of quinoa and some currants, just a few beans (like 10 so I didn’t worry about it) and the citrus vinaigrette was a little sweet. Next time I’ll ask if I can customize it a bit. It did affect my blood sugar about an hour later, so I took some L-glutamine and ate about 10 macadamia nuts and that took the edge off. Luckily there were no sweets around the office or I think I might have had some. Super yummy salad though with a hint of mint. Having hamburger for dinner to balance it out. I still get a little surprised lately when my blood sugar reacts badly to some carbs/sugar because I feel like I’m “better” now. But that just motivates me to make low-sugar choices, so it’s ok. I think I’ve heard that reactive hypoglycemia can resolve eventually. And maybe because I’ve been eating more low-carb lately, it has more of an effect also. Usually I get some kind of meat with salad, so maybe I’ll ask for more nuts/avocado next time.

Been reading about the “Whole30” paleo challenge lately, but still not sure I can manage 100% paleo for 30 days straight yet. Maybe once I wean myself off the cheese. That’s the next to go, at least for a bit. I guess restaurants could be ok in the Whole30 context if I chose the right foods and didn’t stress too much about organic sourcing.

But I’ve still made some paleo changes already, like cutting way down on beans, peanuts, sweeteners and now whey. Getting a mini food processor so I can start making sauces from scratch. Should be interesting….

Back to my tried and true meal plan, basically what I was doing on Atkins as well:

Breakfast – eggs
Lunch – salad
Dinner – meat and veggies
Snacks: macadamia nuts

I did buy some organic cherries at a farm stand this week ( I’m so lucky to have a few close to my home). The cherries taste like candy – wonderful! Think I’ll try to make it to the big Farmers Market in town this Saturday.

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