Stocking Up for Whole30

Ugh. Just found out my party was pushed to next Tuesday, August 12th. I decided I don’t want to wait that long to start Whole30. I think I’ll start Wednesday August 5th instead. After I run out of almond milk. Ha!

Feeling better about the cheese. I don’t think I can give it up forever, but once I noticed that my sinuses do stuff up after I eat it helps motivate me. I may have to toss what’s left on Wednesday (not much) so I don’t cheat.

I just realized my pesto sauce has Parmesan in it! Sob. I am finding replacements for everything online though – just search on “paleo pesto sauce” for example.

I went to the grocery store yesterday and was surprised I couldn’t get coconut milk without carrageenan in it. So I ordered it from Amazon just in case. Also ordered: nutritional yeast, avocado oil, almond flour, coconut flour. I’m going to check out Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods too.

Found some places online per the Whole30 forum that have paleo snacks (I got a few grass-fed Paleo Kits):

Steve’s Paleo Goods

Sea Snax

Also got some raw nuts and Cherry Pie and Key Lime Larabars from the grocery store.

I was afraid that adding more fruit sugar to my diet would cause a hypoglycemic response, but I’m ok so far. I think I’ll keep the Larabars just for emergencies and not eat them daily though, especially since they’re kind of high-carb.

I also ordered a cute container for my homemade salad dressing that I’ll bring to the party next week:

Crate and Barrel

I think that’s quite enough shopping for now! Starting to feel a bit orthorexic. Not really, but this is a lot of diet drama. Hopefully soon it will just become a lifestyle……

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