Whole 30 – Day 1

My first Whole30 begins!

Live blogging day one…..
6:00 am Good thing I tossed my cream and the Truvia on my counter or I think I would have added that to my coffee while semi-awake.

My body tends to crave the least healthy option available, so maybe blogging my food choices will keep me from binging on nuts, fruit & Larabars nonstop for the next month.

Starting weight: 189
Height 5′ 4.5″

6:15 am Breakfast:
3 hard boiled eggs
Salt & garlic powder
Black coffee

Feeling very aesthetic at the moment…I need to look up some recipes.

Just realized that the garlic salt mix that my family has been using for 30 years has trans fat in it…..random….

Already learning the importance of checking labels! I’ve learned so much from Whole30 already.

Snacks :
8:30 am 15 raw cashews
10:30 am 4-inch celery & almond butter

OMG I’m starving for no good reason by 10:30 am. Maybe the lack of fat – usually I ‘d also have had some cream & butter by now. I think it’s the carbs from yesterday though. Taking some L-glutamine.

11:45 Cherry Pie Larabar
2:00 pm Stir fry: shrimp, cucumber, fresh garlic, Thai peppers, spices including curry, sauteed in olive oil
(Saving half for dinner)

It night seem weird to cook cucumber but I’m having issues digesting raw vegetables lately. Hope my avocado oil is delivered today. It’s better for cooking at high temps.

4:00: Snacks:
Few Strawberries
Small handful pistachios
Mineral water

Made a run to Trader Joe ‘s to stock up on almond butter, fruit and more veggies. I was grateful that most products I checked were ok but their mayo did have soybean and bacon had sugar (the applewood). But I got 2 huge bags of food for about $85 with fruit, olive oil, more Larabars, macadamia nuts, chicken, & packaged produce in there – Whole30 seems to be less money! I was expecting it to be more ! Guess the “doctored” stuff costs more. It was hard to walk past the dairy section , it was calling me…same with the cheese section.

So now I have plenty of food! I hardboiled some more eggs too so I feel prepared now. Thank goodness my appetite has diminished this afternoon.

I defrosted a couple organic burgers but I still have lunch left so I think I’ll cook it with some onions and frozen spinach & more garlic, maybe zucchini – then I can have tomorrow. Found some good recipes online at those websites I posted before – if I make them I’ll post a link.

Noticing that I’m eating every couple hours which is NOT good. After 7 months eating moderate carbs I shouldn’t need snacks. Clearly I’m not really “fat adapted” yet. The carbs yesterday also probably didn’t help. Not eating out of boredom, actually hungry. But now I’m realizing I wasn’t eating as clean as I thought, so hopefully I’ll be snack free before my Whole30 is done.

5:00 pm spoonful of almond butter
6:30 Dinner (ish):

Cooked up the meat with onions, about 1/4 cup frozen spinach and mixed vegetables (a veggies skewer from trader joe’s chopped up – bell peppers , more onion, mushrooms, etc). Added Italian seasoning mix, garlic powder, fresh garlic and cooked in olive oil. (No avocado oil delivery today – probably tomorrow. Looking forward to trying an almond flour meatball recipe also once I get my almond flour).

Also cooked up some red potatoes in garlic powder and olive oil (yes I like garlic)

Had about 4 bites of all this and decided not hungry. It’s in the fridge. Maybe later, maybe tomorrow. Will finish the shrimp if I get hungry later since it doesn’t keep as well.

Here’s link to another awesome Whole30 resource – lots of ideas:

30 Days of Paleo Recipes

On the Whole30 forum, someone mentioned watermelon or cucumber infused water. Sounds interesting – I might try that! Here’s the link:

Watermelon Water

Done blogging for today. If you are also doing Whole30, feel free to post in the comments! A majority of people started August 1 so I’m a little behind, but better late than never.

Actually feeling great! I do miss cream, cheese and a gin-and-tonic, but not as much as I expected. Feeling relatively optimistic about the month ahead.

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