Whole30 – Day 2

Day 2 of Whole30 – feeling pretty good! Last night I actually just had some of the potatoes for a snack – never did have a full dinner, but I ate plenty earlier in the day. Tried the watermelon water – liked it! Very subtle flavor.

Had a splash of MCT oil in my black coffee, seemed to improve it.

Had some of the leftover curry shrimp for breakfast – my idea of “breakfast” is changing.  Also tried hardboiled egg with mustard.

Who knew that French’s yellow mustard was the only decent condiment in my fridge?  I assumed it was toxic due to the bright yellow color, but turns out that’s just Turmeric, my fave spice lately!

Feeling betrayed by my beloved lime juice, which had sulfites in it. Got a bag of limes at Trader Joe’s yesterday.

Starting to realize Whole30 is more of a paradigm shift than a “diet”…how can I go back to eating that toxic sludge when this is over?  It’s like trying to enjoy eating a McDonald’s cheeseburger after watching Food, Inc.  You can’t put the genie back in the bottle. (PS if you were as traumatized by Food, Inc as I was, follow Primal Pastures on Instagram, it’s very therapeutic. Love them!  They raise lamb and chickens).

Brought the beef dish to work for lunch along with some apple slices and pistachios.

2 hardboiled eggs
Yellow mustard
Curry shrimp
Coffee with MCT oil

Handful of pistachios

Fresh fruit
Cooked hamburger/veggies 
Mint tea

Cherry Pie Larabar

Paleo kit (small)
2 Spoonfuls of almond butter
Leftover shrimp curry
Red potatoes
2 handfuls blueberries

Cherry Pie Larabar
5 raw cashews
Celery with almond butter

My paleo kits arrived! I just meant to taste one but it ended up as my first dinner course. Yum!

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