Whole30 – Day 3

Found an approved commercial salad dressing and marinade brand for Whole30 :  


Tried low fat coconut milk in my coffee – bleh.  Maybe the full fat will taste better.

Trying my first online recipe today – link below.  From Clothesmakethegirl.com.  The soup was really good!  I topped it with scallions, cilantro & avocado.

In looking over my food the last few days, I am eating too many nuts and Larabars.  Doing ok on fruit but will try to add more veggies/meat.  I’m going to really try to cut down on snacks if possible.  More in regard to blood sugar than calories.

2 hard boiled eggs with mustard

**No morning snack today!**

Silky Gingered  Zucchini Soup
Celery with almond butter
Cherry pie Larabar

Coconut Butter pack

Grilled shrimp

My bacon and Amazon goodies arrived! Had my first taste of Coconut butter – yum! The bacon looks odd (uncut) but I’ve heard great reviews so looking forward to trying it!

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