Whole30 – Day 4 Hypoglycemia

2 eggs scrambled with green onions, ghee, ciilantro, cayenne pepper
1/4 avocado
Coffee with MCT oil

**no morning snack!**

Roast beef sliced thin
fresh veggies
Coconut butter

Coconut butter

leftover hamburger veggie stir fry & zucchini soup

Paleo kit

My eggs cooked in ghee were so good!!  It’s great for cooking – melts into an oil & doesn’t get brown at higher temps like butter.

I managed to skip my morning snack again today but I was starving & miserable & dizzy.  Was getting dizzy driving last night also – NOT good!  Almost passed out this afternoon at work – went home & took a nap.  

Soooo…..Gonna go back to 6x day eating for now.  Will try a supplement recommended by Chris Kresser that sounds like it was designed for me:  Adaptaboost by Paleologix.  Fingers crossed!

I seem to be doing ok with the upper level at this point – if I keep my carb intake below 100-125 carbs / day I don’t gain weight. But it’s the fat- burning part that’s not fully working yet, no matter how low carb I go. There was a 2 week period at the beginning when it worked back in March & was awesome but it’s been a struggle since then. I think dairy and artificial sweeteners (I was consuming a lot of both) impact my insulin more than I realized. Clearly, since I ‘m getting hypoglycemic from cutting them out. This supplement sounds like it has the stuff I need including kelp for my poor thyroid. I finally started taking 1/2 extra thyroid pill every other day but I’m still exhausted & hair still dry. The lump in my neck is gone though. Endocrinologist appt scheduled for October but may go sooner if thyroid doesn’t improve more soon.

Hopefully this supplement will give me a boost. In the meantime until it arrives I’ll go back on Damage Control Master Formula, although it’s 12 pills/day (ugh) and my doctor thought the amount of calcium in it might be impacting my thyroid meds. I’ll take my thyroid 30 min before to be safe.

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