Whole30 – Day 5 – Improving!

Bite of bacon
Coconut butter
Coffee with coconut milk

Coffee with coconut milk
Small red potato, fried in avocado oil

Shrimp creole*
Key Lime Larabar

Coconut butter

Shrimp creole


*Tomatoes, onion & garlic with shrimp stir fried with avocado oil & cayenne & white pepper.

Already feeling MUCH MUCH better after adding back the Damage Control Master Formula supplement with dinner last night, so I guess it WAS a deficiency.  I just don’t like taking 12 pills/day.  The new pill will be only 2 – yay!  

Full fat coconut milk tastes a lot better in coffee than the light version.  More the type of mouth feel I get from regular cream.

Tried the organic bacon and I’m not a fan – it was tasteless to me.  Very sad.  Guess I’ll just wait until my Whole30 is over.  

Ended up getting on a long phone call in the morning, so just had coconut butter while on the phone for breakfast.  LOVE that stuff – ordered more!  I knead it until smooth & flat and then put it in the freezer for a few minutes to harden flat again.  Also good straight out of the bag too.

Big fan of the avocado oil also.  Great for cooking at high temp and about 1/2 less needed than olive oil. The fried potato toasted nicely!  I nuked it in the microwave for a couple minutes first and added a little salt & garlic powder.  Crispy yummyness!  

The fact I lasted until 11:00 am on just coconut butter is an encouraging sign that things are improving rapidly.   Yesterday I ate a LOT and was starving, today my appetite has diminished significantly.   I may need to keep these supplements going for awhile.  Remembering now that I was taking a low-carb supplement back in March when I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks.  

Potassium may be part of the deficiency since lately I’m all about potatoes but used to be kind of indifferent to them – but I used to eat more bananas.  Need to get some more bananas I guess. Freezing the just slightly under-ripe bananas seems to work pretty well as far as sugar content.

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