Whole30 – Day 6

Scrambled eggs with onion & mushroom
4 apple slices
Coffee & coconut milk

Coffee & coconut milk

Omelette with avocado & veggies
Small red potato, fried

Coconut butter

4 Gluten-free meatballs

Apple slices
Almond butter

Not gonna link to the meatball recipe because it was yucky – if I come up with a better variation or find a better recipe I will share it.  Bleh.

This was my first time cooking meatballs, and luckily I used a cookie sheet that had an enclosed rim – FYI you get a LOT of fat coming off the meat, so be aware of that so you don’t have a mess in the oven.  I took it out twice to blot up oil, but they were dry, so maybe I should have left it alone.

I love coconut butter, but it’s starting to loosen up my digestion a bit too much so guess I’d better tone it down a bit. It’s so yummy!

Did some more research and starting to suspect may I have a fungal issue.  I’m allergic to mold, but never made the connection with systemic fungus.  I had a bunch of cashews in the past couple days and got numbness & edema in my feet – maybe it’s just a coincidence.  I do have poor circulation. Cutting  them out just in case.  After I finish Whole30 I’ll take a break, but then might try a Candida elimination diet after that.  Coffee was on the “bad” list for Candida….noooooooo!

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2 Responses to Whole30 – Day 6

  1. On those meatballs, you might want to try extra lean beef or ground turkey to not get so much fat/grease run-off. Ick is right. Also all you need to make meatballs in an egg beaten and maybe some GF (glutenfree) cracker crumbs for filler.. for it to hold together.

    PS ..cashews are not nuts. They are the seed.. and considered a fruit. Congrats on working through all this! IMPRESSIVE!

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