Whole30 Day 9 – Apathy/Negotiation

Ok so I have officially reached the “When will this be OVER??” stage of Whole30.

I can already tell my sinuses are much better and feeling better from the supplements too. But last night I went to a party and drank only water all night. REALLY wanted pizza, a cupcake and a glass of wine, but I stayed strong. But now I’m having a pity party along the lines of “why can’t I have a cupcake?” But I know why.

Went to brunch this weekend and it was more of the same – everyone had these yummy breakfast muffins. Ugh.

This morning I really missed my banana shake with almond milk. I was actually thinking that no one would know if I cheated… But if course I would know.

I know I will be glad when I get to the other side of this – gotta stay strong! Luckily my family & friends are being awesome about it.

I checked the scale and I’ve lost 3 lbs now…


My hostess from the party last night emailed me to say I inspired her to start her diet today! She tossed out all the leftover pizza after we left, had an omelette with spinach for breakfast, salad for lunch and was headed to the farmers market!! That was great to hear and really strengthened my resolve to keep going.

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