Whole30 – Day 12 Sinuses

I’ve been taking 24-hour Claritin daily for years and often have to supplement with additional Benadryl or nasal spray.

I decided to skip the medicine today on Day 12 and I’m just fine ! I can still breathe through my nose and no choking or eardrum pressure. I am scared to go “cold turkey” off the Claritin but will start phasing it out and then keep some chewable Claritin handy in case I get any allergenic exposure.

Still having a little trouble digesting uncooked veggies but otherwise seeing good health improvement overall. The edema in my legs is not gone but is better. Started breaking out with a little acne but I think that’s just detox.

I am REALLY sick of the diet at this point but I can see the benefits already. It will definitely have an impact on my lifestyle habits in the long run.

A family friend was just diagnosed with a systemic fungal infection that’s pretty severe – he was hospitalized & had surgery. Surprisingly (or maybe not) the doctors didn’t mention diet so I sent him some fungal / anti-fungal food lists. This is a real wake-up call for me to get this sorted out.

I’m not going to do an anti-fungal 12-week “cleanse” approach though since I think I may also have a heavy metal issue. The fungus can sometimes protect you from the metals. But I’ve started making more choices based on those candida food lists in a Whole30 context and I think it’s helping.

FYI coconut oil is really anti-fungal. Been using it cosmetically now as well with good results. Using it as a cuticle oil on my toenails with huge improvement. Nails almost white now. The nails still look a little strange but I think it will grow out.

I’ve come to the conclusion that long term, I’ll probably always need to do moderate carb (under 100 g) as a maintenance diet, with varying degrees of “clean” food depending on the circumstances. And trying to eat anti-fungal and avoid pro-fungal foods when possible.

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