Whole30 Day 13 – Ankles

Woke up this morning almost halfway through Whole30 and realized I have ankles again! I have very small ankles but haven’t seen them for years due to edema. The edema is still present but my feet and ankles are noticeably smaller. My shoes are also a little bit loose!

I realized my big issue with Whole30 this 2nd week, besides struggles with eating out socially, was food prep. The 1st week I did a lot of advance prep. This past week I did not and ended up eating mainly fresh fruit and veggies. Since I don’t digest raw veggies well, that was an issue.

Last night I cooked up some hamburger with spinach, garlic & Italian spices and made another pot of zucchini soup. Also hardboiled some eggs and restocked the fridge with fresh meat, produce and mineral water.

If you decide to participate in a Whole30 and find yourself losing momentum, I really recommend the Whole30 Forum online. This week the Success Stories kept me going. They will also send you daily tips and encouragement via email and Instagram if you like.

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