Whole30 – Day 15 Halfway There!

Finally branched out and had lunch at Chipotle!

Their carnitas are fried in lard and therefore Whole30-appropriate.

I had the salad with tomatoes, salsa, guacamole and no beans, corn or dairy. And bottled water.

I have to really give some credit to the Chipotle staff – they added a handful of cheese to my salad and I kind of gasped involuntarily. They immediately offered to start over with a brand new salad instead of trying to remove it. They were super nice about it.

Even though I feel great and not gaining any weight, I can tell the extra fruit is stimulating my appetite. Keeping macadamia nuts nearby just in case – if I have about 5 nuts they always take the edge off. After Whole30 I’ll try harder to stay below 100 carbs/day. Yesterday I tracked my food and it was 150 carbs – not ideal but still fairly ok.

Already planning to get a cupcake on Day 31. At least a few bites…

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2 Responses to Whole30 – Day 15 Halfway There!

  1. Audrey Ward says:

    The new National Geographic has a great article on the original Paleo diet. Today’s WSJ has an article about LeBron James and Dwayne Wade giving up carbs this summer to lose weight. Happy Day 15!

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