Whole30 – Day 16 Hair

If you’re having any of the hair issues I described previously – dryness, loss & breakage due to Biotin or other deficiency – I can really recommend Organix. Just started using their Biotin & Collagen line with great results after just one use!

I was still having a bit of the patchy red rash occasionally on my cheeks right near my nose (and cracking at corners of my mouth – ouch ), so still not sure I’m absorbing Biotin well even though taking 2 g per day and getting it in food as well. Although my hair has been improving, less dry and not falling out anymore.

Who knows if I can absorb Biotin through my scalp, but figured it couldn’t hurt. Not sure how much is in the products. Great results though. Literally overnight my hair looks lush, wavy & soft. Amazing!! Maybe it’s just really moisturizing. I bought it at Ulta. I got the shampoo, conditioner & spray. The ends are still a tiny bit dry, but not for long I’m sure.

I know the diet & supplements are helping too. Still taking 12 pills a day of the Damage Control (ugh) but can’t argue with the results. My thyroid is functioning properly again. I think I need to get a blood test to confirm any deficiencies I may have.

Breakouts gone – I think it was just detox. MAJOR sugar cravings. Starting to have much more energy and tackling projects around the house now!

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