Whole30 Day 19 – Energy!!

Starting to really feel some positive changes in my energy level.  

I got up early today and dug up 2 very large root bound potted shrubs that had died from the heat and carted the dirt and plants away – it all had to be cut and broken apart first and was a bit awkward and heavy.  

Then, I distributed about 40 lbs of composted dirt around my garden (all this basically before breakfast – I did have a snack of coconut butter first).  I didn’t have the energy to do this a week ago, but now it’s no big deal.  I’ve noticed that my tolerance to heat has also improved.  

Hopefully now I can start a moderate exercise routine which will bring my A1c down even farther (last reading was 5.8).  I’ll be getting more lab tests in late Autumn, so it will interesting to see my progress.

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