Whole30 Day 20 – Spiralizer

Last night I decided to be adventurous and finally used my new veggie spiralizer. I’m so glad I did!!

I usually am not a fan of superfluous kitchen gadgets but this thing is awesome. When I was a child our housekeeper used to spiral-peel apples and tried to teach me, but I usually could only do a couple spirals before it broke off. She could do the whole apple peel – she was amazing. This gadget spiral cuts veggies and fruit with minimal effort & mess and can also make “noodles” out of veggies like zucchini. The spiralizer I got was from Williams Sonoma.

I made the “comfort noodles” recipe from Melissa Joulwen’s website – so yummy!! Her recipes have turned out great so far – I think I may buy her cookbook, Well Fed.

I think the spiralizer would also be great if you have kids as the shapes make it more fun to eat your veggies!

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2 Responses to Whole30 Day 20 – Spiralizer

  1. Audrey Ward says:

    Today I am making Skinny Taste’s spiralized zucchini with tomatoes and homemade pesto. The spiralizer is a good tool.

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