A Shared Interest in Clean Eating

Over the past week, I’ve been having some nice chats with a co-worker regarding healthy eating. I’ve found the conversations to be informative and inspirational.

What’s interesting is that my co-worker is strict Vegan and I’m doing moderate carb Paleo.

But we found that we share a lot of opinions on processed food and healthy eating despite our difference of opinion on grains and protein sources.

My co-worker is following essentially a vegan version of Whole30 on an ongoing basis. He’s an elite athlete that trains 3 hours a day. He’s about 50 years old, so that’s pretty impressive.

Rather than focusing on the points where we disagree, we found a lot that we can agree on. He’s given me some great tips on exercise and clean eating.

I did eat about 90% ovo-lacto vegetarian for many years and many of my friends actually thought I was full vegetarian. It just didn’t work for me, but I respect his ethical ideals.

We both agree that getting away from artificial sweeteners, preservatives and junk food in general is a great idea. And opting for local organic produce when possible. We had a good talk today about organic produce imported from China.

I’m glad my friend is so open minded and I appreciate his encouragement. He told me that I’ll find it hard to return to old habits after Whole30 is over. “Once you develop that awareness of what’s in your food, you can’t go back. You can’t un-know it,” he told me.

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2 Responses to A Shared Interest in Clean Eating

  1. For Eat's Sake says:

    I love this! It’s so nice to find the common ground with people 🙂

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