Butyrate for Colon Cancer Prevention?

I was just listening to Chris Kresser’s book again where he was talking about Butyrate as a possible preventative for colon cell over-proliferation. I was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 34 and have been back every two years (or less) to have polyps or tumors removed.

Obviously this supplement has some interest for me – I’d be interested to hear from anyone else who has tried it.

I started taking a very low children’s dose of digestive enzymes 3 days ago with great results already. Proceeding with caution regarding dosage as I had a very bad 48-hour reaction to about 1 oz of Activia probiotic yogurt a couple years ago. Taking the enzyme with dinner for now and will add a pill to lunch in another week. Symptoms are pretty mild – I’m adjusting well. Also started taking a super omega fish oil supplement.

Luckily I can usually get all these pills down if I go slowly and take breaks. I regurgitated or choked a few times in the beginning because I have a history of esophageal & laryngeal constriction (I think due to my previous acid reflux & allergies). I think I’ll go off my 12-pill multi to a 3 pill multi after I get through my current supply (less than a month). I feel like an octogenarian but it all seems to be working …..

Speaking of old age, my hair started getting some grays about a year ago and the new growth coming in now is much darker and I don’t see any gray yet!! Interesting….

Update: I did some online searches and apparently Butyrate is commonly found in the foods eaten on the Paleo diet, including sweet potatoes and other vegetables. So I may not need a separate supplement. One less pill to take….sounds good!

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2 Responses to Butyrate for Colon Cancer Prevention?

  1. Audrey Ward says:

    Sheri, I also have a history of restriction in my throat. I had an endoscopy and then a swallowing study, which seemed to help. I take Nature’s Bounty probiotics, just one small pill a day, and is has really helped my digestive system. I also take fish oil, Co Q 10 Ubiquinol for help with cholesterol, alpha lipoid acid, biotin, and a multi vitamin.I am unfamiliar with butyrate. DH gets polyps but his doctor has not mentioned it. Look up side effects as you probably do if an when you had anything.
    If you found a cure for gray hair, you will be a multi millionaire.

    • LOL – thanks Audrey. No I’ve heard that before about people gray hair going away if they go on a high-nutrient diet. I don’t think it applies to hair that’s been gray awhile. My friend also pointed out that in the past 2 months I changed from a high pressure to a low pressure job so that may be a factor as well.

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